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It's 1997. Titanic has hit the iceberg and theaters everywhere. America's Princess is gone, but never forgotten. Allie is born! Growing up, I was always performing for my family. Singing Shania Twain, choreographing dances and forcing my cousins to learn them, as well as singing in church and listening to Wicked in my basement. After watching Rachel Berry belt out Don't Rain On My Parade, I immediately went to my closet to see if I could, too. From then on I was hooked and the dream of "Broadway" was set into motion. My parents also fell in love with musicals and it became a family tradition to go see shows together whenever we could. I'm so thankful for the support my friends and family have for me, and I know I wouldn't be able to be where I am today without them....and Harry Styles... He's done a lot. 

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I received my BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from Western Michigan University and although it wasn't always a walk in the park, the friendships I made while I was there changed my life. My class went through a lot together over those four years, including having our showcase a week before the 2020 shutdown. Those people are my family and I will always be grateful for the music and the memories we created together. 

MY 2020

My 2020 was a life altering experience, just as it was for everyone else. I went from getting my first Off-Broadway audition to living back home with my parents. I was incredibly sick for most of the summer, only to find out that I have celiac's disease (RIP BREAD). I felt like I had lost my place in the world.. until I started streaming on TWITCH. All of a sudden, I was able to connect with people and perform again. Now I have a lovely community who loves to listen to me sing and watch me be average at video games. You never know where life is going to take you, but I'm so glad I took the leap of faith and gave streaming a chance. 

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Flash forward spring of 2021 when my partner and I got up the courage (and the savings) to move to the city of Chicago. Being in the Windy City while theatre has begun to reopen has been exciting and inspirational. I finally feel connected to theatre in a healthy way. I can find purpose and joy in other things, but I know my one true happiness comes from the stage. I look forward to all of the opportunities this city has for me and I cannot wait to meet and connect with people who feel the same. 


My first in person audition in the windy city led to a once in a life time experience that I never thought I would get the opportunity to do. Most of my 2022 took place on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas as a featured vocalist in the production cast. I spent 9 months sailing through the Bahamas and making memories that will last a life time. Getting to perform for an audience night after night was such a blessing and the growth I experienced, not just as a performer, but as a person, will stay with me forever. Now back in Chicago I'm ready to reconnect with friends and family and begin searching for my next adventure.

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